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// Back In The Day LIVE @ Brixton Jamm 

​Live performance of the forthcoming track Back in the day by Didjitalis's 8-piece live band at Brixton Jamm, London.


// DIdjitalis Live @ Atlantis, Brixton


Highlights from the official club launch of Atlantis on 9th March 2013 in Brixton with our Live set.


// Deep Roots Live @ Station Sessions

​Live performance of the forthcoming track DEEP ROOTS by Didjitalis at Station Sessions in St Pancras station.


// Didjitalis Live @ Station Sessions

Full 30 min recording of the Didjitalis performance at St Pancras's Station Sessions.


// The Beginning (sampler)

A short DIdjitalis music video for The Beginning.  


// Didjitalis Live Studio Jam 1


Our first in a series of live, unrehearsed jam sessions in the studio. What you hear is 100% made up on the spot. This is certified, original, live dance music! 

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// Didjitalis Live Studio Jam 2


A live improvisational jam at the studio, showing what we do best, playing live dance music. Enjoy!

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